We design and build rooftops, large country gardens, courtyard gardens, commercial and public landscapes. From private courtyards to large country Estates, every project is a new challenge. We are both passionate and knowledgeable about what we do, and at all stages we involve the client in the design process. Each unique project presents opportunities to enhance and protect the natural environment and biodiversity of the site and context.

How We Work


If we feel we are the right team to help you realise your aspirations we will organise a design consultation to gain an understanding of your needs, wants and expectations as well as gaining an initial feel for the site and its context.


From the very first moments, impressions of a site and its atmosphere can set the creative direction for the project. The analysis will generally include a site survey, soil testing, gaining an understanding of various external factors including orientation, sunlight analysis and the greater context of the site which will help to inform the design process.


At all stages we endeavour to involve you in creating your personal and unique garden. After all this is your garden. That is why we create a series of concept sketches for you to review and discuss before moving onto the next stage


Once the concept has been signed off, we create a series of presentation drawings in 2D and 3D in both digital or hand rendering styles to help you completely visualise and understand the design.


This part of the process addresses every last detail of the project. From planting plans, construction details, material junctions, site sections to lighting layouts, cable runs and irrigation plans. No element is overlooked which ensures that the project can be both costed and implemented to the highest of standards.


Whether the project is delivered on a design and build basis or as part of a tender process we will visit site at regular intervals to inspect and ensure that every aspect is carried out to the correct specification.


After Completion we encourage regular follow-up visits to ensure that your garden is settling in as intended, and to advise on its development. We will assist and guide in providing and recommending professional aftercare services to ensure your garden will flourish how we intended it too.